Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life after vocal cord polyp removal surgery

Sept 12, 2009

Hi all!
I hope this finds you chipper and in good spirits! Love all of ya that has dropped by. You may not have left any comments but I know you was here. Thank you ! I really appreciate it!
What is happening on the homefront you say? War, war, and more war. Resist the devil and he will flee right? Mean to say, we are on the warfront everyday. The devil attacks us more and more because we are our Father's chosen. He attacks us because we are doing our Father's work, we are love by Him, we find no fault in Him, and we have taken over the devil's job as worshipper in the kingdom. The devil is jealous and seeks to bring us down, to make us seem unimportant in God's eyes, but it will never be. I believe my family is on the front lines. We are anointed to praise God and battle the devil to keep him away from the unsaved until they can be saved, accepting Jesus into their lives. So I know the devil attacks us because he is fearful of God's creation. This is what it means to resist the devil, to battle anything he can throw at us. To defeat his strengths and leave him demoralized!!! As a friend of mine says almost every choir practice and day he sings, "Stomp on the devil's head, uh!"
Well, I have sung quite a bit now. It still sounds funny hearing my voice now. I have some cracking at the top end of my range. Even at the middle and low, my voice sounds as if I am a tenor/baritone at times. When I am able to hit some highs, it sounds sharp. At times my breathing is unsteady and it tells in my voice at times. I gotta tell you though, it is 1000 times better than it was though. There were times I couldn't even make any kind of sound or note. So I will be thankful for the little things. Of course I am highly critical of myself. Each time I sing I expect every note to be perfect, which is a good thing. Expectation is good! But it can be bad in a way as well. It is easy to get down on myself when each note is not perfect up to my expections. I still have to build strength in my vocal cords to withstand singing for any duration and for hitting notes. I can tell also I need more work on my tone. I wish I had a pitchpipe right now so that I could. I will one day soon. Can you tell I am serious about this thing y'all?
Overall am I pleased? Let's see. I will have to answer............Yes, yes I am. Yet I still know I have to be careful. Being not completely healed yet, I can tell. You know at times, I can still feel a little pain, a twinge of pain. I would love to get another scopy of my throat just to keep tabs on my throat. Maybe sometime in the future but not now.
Today was interesting though. When I sung, I sounded and it felt like I was under water almost like I was gargling. Not sure if that is because I am backing off my reflux medicine or what. The doc wants me to start backing off the medications and eventually stop. He says that type of medication is not suppose to be taken for the rest of your life. He says eventually your body will start producing too much mucus to compensate for the muscus stopped by the medicine. It kinda makes sense. The human body is wonderful at adapting to anything. Well gotta listen to this song for tomorrow. C ya and thanks for listening! As always keep your family close and God even closer. I am not leaving anything this time. Just a lil change of pace mind you. lololol Bye now!!!!!


  1. Hello. I just came across your blog. I just had a polyp removed today and I am looking forward to recovering. Being silent turned out to be harder than I thought and I can't stop worrying about having to cough (all the little things we take for granted uh...). Anyway, I hope your voice is doing well.

  2. Hey, I just came across your blog as well. I am 30 years old and have been teaching school and coaching for 8 years as well as singing my whole life. I developed a polyp from overuse or misuse i guess. I am having a polyp removed tomorrow and I am very nervous that my siging voice will never be the same. Your blog was somewhat helpful. Just wondering what post surgery will be like????? thanks

    1. Thank you for your post. I had a polyp removed April 10th. Nice for you to share your story. How are you doing with your voice? Thanks you for the uplifting words here, really, it helps. God bless you.

  3. I will be having polyp removal this september but i am nervous. How it feels during the operation?

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