Saturday, August 1, 2009

Life after vocal cord polyp removal surgery

August 1, 2009

Hi All! Been a minute since I have been back huh? Yeh, I know. Well, since the last time, I have sung quite a bit. We are attempting to get ready for the Byron Cage concert. I am singing watching my breathing and tone, attempting to regain some of my former voice. It is tough. I think I am doing well. The only thing is I don't have someone else to measure against, you know, someone else, another singer who had the same surgery and is attempting to regain their singing voice. I remember reading about Joann Rosario say it took her two years before she was able to record and sing professionally again or at least before she put out an cd. I must admit I am a little disappointed in my voice. It leaves me sometimes and like today, I am a little hoarse even though I keep vocal tension to a minimal. Just hope I am ready when my turn to lead comes into play. I am not rushing it though. Also trying to keep the stress level down. But I have to trust God you know. No other way I can do this without Him. Just wanted everyone to know some of the things you may have to go through should you or if you needed this surgery one day. I pray that God gives you continually excellent vocal health though. Well C ya! And as always there is a little something something at the end. And as always keep your family close and God even closer. Bye

Let Liberty Decide by Darwin Hobbs
As believers, we all have to make a number of conscious decisions; decisions concerning our jobs, families, marriages, God, and concerning our life in general. And although the decisions we are faced with are often at times difficult for us to make, there is something we all can find joy in. Something very few of us believe we even have at our disposal: Liberty.
Believe it or not, we as believers have been granted liberty in the spirit of God to make choices that will effect change in not only our lives, but in the world we live in.
According to Webster's dictionary, the definition of liberty (or freedom) is the "right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing." Within this definition, we discover that we have rights, power, and yes, we have choices.
As Christians, all the power and rights we have ever needed were transferred to us over 2000 years ago at the cross. The redemption plan literally bought us back from the curse of the law of sin and death, meaning we now have kingdom citizen rights and power.
So what does this mean for you and me today?
This simply means that we have the ability to act, believe, and express ourselves in ways that bring Glory to the Father. However, although we are free and liberated by the blood of Christ, we still must make good choices. I Corinthians 10:23 states that "all things are lawful, but not all things are profitable (or expedient)."
While we reserve the right and power to make our own decisions, within this scripture lies an awesome opportunity to impact the earth with godly decisions. Throughout the course of today or throughout this week, I encourage you to try to become more aware and conscious about the type of decisions that face you.
I know it's tough, but I dare you to make decisions that don't include any self gain or self promotion for yourself this week. Instead, ask yourself...
What would it be like to consider another person over myself?
What would it be like to resist the temptation to gossip and backbite?
What would it be like to become a person of my word for just seven days straight?
It is time for us all to realize that we are not only free and liberated "by" the spirit and sacrifice of Christ, but we also now have the ability to experience liberty "in" Christ every day of our lives. It is time we all took a self-examination of our lives and discover whether we are making decisions that represent a heart that is truly free in Christ...
...or are we simply just making decisions?

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